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Mike Bellamy
Founder: PassageMaker
Author: The Essential Reference Guide to China Sourcing
20+ years in Asia Interviewed and profiled in:

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  • "Throughout the PassageMaker structure, I have found nothing but the sort of people who I can trust."

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  • "...We have been doing business in China for almost 20 years and selected PassageMaker because we needed a partner with “in the trenches” China experience..."

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  • "Welcome PassageMaker to the approved vendor list of Tyco."

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  • "PassageMaker bent over backwards, so I didn’t get bent over forwards by my suppliers."

    - Paul S., GM of a Tier 1 Automotive Manufacturer

  • When our previous China partners left us in a precarious situation, the team at PassageMaker jumped in on short notice."

    - Blue Equity LLC

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Managing a China supply chain 

As the China-based partner responsible for managing suppliers and supply chains on behalf of our clients, getting to the bottom of what is really going on at the factory is a key part of our job. It’s very common for suppliers to say one thing and mean another. 

Whether you outsource your China project to PassageMaker, or manage things on your own, here are some tips, tools and strategies learned the hard way during my past 20 years in Asia.


In my last post about dispute resolution in China we covered:

  • Reporting Chinese companies to the Better Business Bureau
  • Getting help from the Chinese embassy
  • File a report with the local police.
  • Will your embassy in China help solve your dispute with a Chinese company?
  • Demand Letters

Let's move on to some of the questions you should be asking if you are thinking about suing a Chinese company!