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  • "Throughout the PassageMaker structure, I have found nothing but the sort of people who I can trust."

    - Rythmlink



  • "...We have been doing business in China for almost 20 years and selected PassageMaker because we needed a partner with “in the trenches” China experience..."

    - Shepherd Hardware, General Manager 

  • "Welcome PassageMaker to the approved vendor list of Tyco."

    - Tyco

  • "PassageMaker bent over backwards, so I didn’t get bent over forwards by my suppliers."

    - Paul S., GM of a Tier 1 Automotive Manufacturer

  • When our previous China partners left us in a precarious situation, the team at PassageMaker jumped in on short notice."

    - Blue Equity LLC

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What Makes PassageMaker Special?



We put a warranty on our work. Most trading companies, brokers and even manufacturers in China may not offer a warranty and even if they do, they may disappear before you can make a claim. PassageMaker has a successful track record and is happy to provide references.



We have the confidence to provide a warranty because every assembly / inspection project utilizes an industry-leading “Product Quality Manual (PQM)” which defines in intimate detail the quality standards, inspection methods and the assembly process.



PassageMaker is the first (and perhaps only) medium sized, 100% US-owned, assembly/inspection company in Shenzhen possessing the following:

  • In-house licensed customs brokers
  • Full import-export rights
  • Authorized by the Chinese government to process VAT rebates

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Manufacturing in China? Compare some pros/cons of your options here!

by MikeB

Time to compare your options for manufacturing in China

When it comes to manufacturing in China there are a number of options for companies to choose from such as registering a WFOE, dealing with a sourcing agent or partnering with a contract manufacturer. Finding the right manufacturing solution for your company and its specific needs is certainly possible, but the question you have to ask yourself before you risk wasting your time, your money and possibly losing your nerve is, "Which of these solutions fit in best with what my company needs?".

Knowing the pros and cons of each of these options all of this and how each different option may fit in with your specific needs is the very first step in deciding how you want to take on manufacturing in China. To this end, PassageMaker has compiled an infographic that provides a head-to-head of the pros and cons of some of the available options for companies looking to manufacture in China. Our infographic covers:

  • WFOE
  • Contract Manufacturer
  • Trading Company/Agent

Take a look below to discover which manufacturing option in China may very well be what you have been looking for...


How to Stay Out of Jail - Importers Need to Know about Engineering, Testing & Inspection

by MikeB

Is My Product Safe in China?

Physical Safety

When people ask "is my product safe?” most of the time they are asking the question because they want to make sure the product won't hurt anybody and to be sure they are not at risk of a lawsuit. We could call this "design safety".


PassageMaker joins Cisco, Sprint and Walt Disney Company in winning the "2014 Pros to Know" award

by MikeB
PM added to the "pros to know" list