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If you would like to receive a proposal/ quotation/ visit with our sales team, please click here for an introduction to our services and a short questionnaire. Upon receipt, we can offer a formal quotation and answer questions about cooperation. Please review our Minimum Project Scope/ Minimum Monthly Service Fee before requesting a proposal.

FAQ: How is PassageMaker different from a sourcing agency, contract manufacturer or trading company?

PassageMaker started as a sourcing agency/ contract manufacturer almost 20 years ago and has evolved into a provider of outsourced manpower.  In short, our clients assign PassageMaker to recruit, hire, train and manage dedicated teams for them, on the ground here in China.   Team members can be based in our China offices and/or assembly center/warehouse.  The team members in the office generally focus on finding supplier (sourcing) and managing vendors (supply chain management) while the team in the warehouse conduct final assembly/custom packaging/inspection.

PassageMaker offers two fee structures:

  1. If the client manages the tasks assigned to the team, then a fixed retainer is applied.  The team can be as small as 1 person or as large as a few 100.  But  projects need to be large enough to keep at least 1 full-time employee busy in order to meet our minimum project scope.
  2. If the client wishes to have PassageMaker manage the team, then a commission is applied on the value of goods/services coordinated in China on behalf of the client.

Minimum Order Size/ Minimum Project Scope

If your project is stable, your order size is over 100,000 USD per year and you need at least 1 person full-time in the China, then PassageMaker is good fit. Fill out the short questionnaire and we’ll get you a quote.

But not everybody has a stable or large project, so feel free to contact us and we’ll recommend a suitable sourcing agency. The agents charge a small set up fee (500 to 1500 USD) to find suppliers and a commission (5 to 10% depending on volume) to manage the supply chain for you.

For projects under 100,000 USD per annum a sourcing agent is probably the best fit.  But as PassageMaker’s commission is much lower than the typical agent,  the PassageMaker model is more cost effective than the sourcing agencies for medium to large projects.

Consider the following resources designed to help you successfully source from China, if your budget doesn’t allow you to engage PassageMaker or an agent.

The Essential Reference Guide to China Sourcing (also on Amazon)


We warmly welcome visitors to our operations in China.

Contact us in advance to schedule a visit and receive detailed directions to our administrative headquarters in Shenzhen, China.

General Directions (in Chinese) for the front office to give to your driver:

也就是长岭公交站台—往右进收费处前进 50米,PM 公司就在右边

Directions (in English) for PassageMaker’s front office:

Please see Google maps below. For reference, we take up the second floor of the building. The entrance (image below) is next door to the “China Post Lixia Agency” on Google maps.  When you get here, you will know it’s us when you see that just behind the glass door is a Terracotta Warrior holding a “welcome to PassageMaker” sign!

When you get to the front door, just ring the bell (left side of door) and we’ll buzz you in at ground level for access to the 2nd floor where PassageMaker is located. If you get lost or have any complications, just call the front desk and they will guide you in: (86) 755 2540 3811.

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