Assembly and Inspection Documentation

Professional Work Instructions and Inspection Criteria

Product Quality Manual (PQM) Documentation

When setting up virtual offices and virtual factories on behalf of clients, PassageMaker’s Product Quality Manual template can be leveraged.

The following Product Quality Manual (PQM) documentation conforms to ISO standards and is from an actual project. In order to protect the interests of the client, some information has been removed or adjusted, but the following template is typical of the professional work instructions and inspection criteria used at PassageMaker when the client appoints us to set up their QC systems.

Highlights include:

  • Clear revision management procedures
  • Bi-lingual
  • Total transparency to client regarding identity of sub-suppliers
  • Well defined quality standards, inspection methods and assembly process
  • All internal QC data/ results are made available for client review
  • Unit and lot traceability in terms of Bill of Material (BOM) used, Dates and Personnel involved in the assembly/inspection process

As PassageMaker has clients in quality-sensitive industries such as Automotive, Military and Medical, we have chosen to apply an advanced QC system to all of our projects. This ensures that we always meet or exceed our clients’ expectations in terms of required documentation and QC systems regardless of product type/industry.

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