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Client Testimonials


Due to the sensitive nature of our projects, we are grateful to the clients below who have graciously allowed us to disclose their details on this website.

PassageMaker bent over backwards, so I didn’t get bent over forwards by my suppliers.

PassageMaker is our partner for vendor coordination and export processing.

We have been doing business in China for almost 20 years and selected PassageMaker because we needed a partner with “in the trenches” China experience. There are many consultants, trading companies and even manufacturers that understand in “theory” how to source in China, but the PassageMaker team is on the ground, out in the field, successfully turning theory into reality for us on a massive scale. On our behalf they manage 1000’s of part numbers and have processed well over a 100 containers of our China purchases in the first 1/2 of this year alone.

In an environment such as China where shady deals and hidden relationships lurk in every corner, we have found the transparency and honesty at PassageMaker refreshing.

I highly recommend their services to anyone interested in China sourcing.

Welcome PassageMaker to the approved vendor list of Tyco.

Throughout the PassageMaker structure, I have found nothing but the sort of people who I can trust. They have a palpable level of honesty, integrity and character… three of the attributes I consider crucial to the success that RLI has witnessed. I had the expertise at my disposal that I would expect from a top consulting firm.

I would like to express our deepest gratitude and appreciation for the efforts and assistance provided to us by PassageMaker. When our previous China partners left us in a precarious situation, the team at PassageMaker jumped in on short notice. We have received exemplary service and are more than satisfied with the working relationships that PassageMaker has facilitated for us among our buyers, sellers, shipping partners, customs brokers and other entities involved in the trade of our specific product. I would like to acknowledge thier hard work, extraordinary patience and commitment to assisting us.

Passage Maker is our “feet on the street” acting as interface between our US office and two Chinese manufacturers. When dealing with China, security of propriety information is a major issue. I’ve known PassageMaker’s CEO Mike Bellamy and his family for over 20 years. The Bellamy family and the business they run are well liked and respected on both sides of the Pacific. You will have no problems with confidentiality.

Mike asked me to give an honest assessment of China sourcing. We have indeed had some quality issues with our Chinese suppliers. The most important success factor is finding the right supplier and tightening up on inspection. We are constantly striving to make the inspection process more scientific. Sourcing in China is never easy but PassageMaker is there to help us. Despite language, culture and distance, communication has been just fine. When we e-mail PassageMaker, they respond often the same day but always within the next business day if they need to communicate with the suppliers on our behalf. We also have a standing conference call with PassageMaker every Tuesday at 9 AM EST to discuss current issues and projects. Factories do miss the agreed timeframe, quality issue will arise. This can cause great burden and concern. But having PassageMaker advocated for us with the factories has been of great value. Go into outsourcing with open eyes. If your product is technical, don’t expect to turn on the supply chain and not have issues but Passage Maker is as good a company as you will find to help you.

I wanted to compliment the PassageMaker organization. The folks there made it easy to produce in China and I cannot tell you how fortunate I am to have met them, actions speak louder than words!

 I’m happy to give you a bit of a reference on Passagemaker.  We are in the Mfg business in NC, USA  and primarily source acrylic items, retail displays and printed packaging materials from China with the help of PassageMaker.  I had met the team from PassageMaker very randomly at a tradeshow in Las Vegas about 9 years ago, I held on to his card for a couple years and decided I needed to check out China so I sent him an email .  Next I flew to HK & took a bus to China to see Passagemaker and explore my options.  The first year I went back and forth at least 4 times and now it is at least 7 years later, we bring in a container about every 4 months and I have never needed to go back to China as PassageMaker takes care of things . The system works well, PassageMaker has got a great process and team and you are welcome give me a call or ask any questions you have as I will certainly be happy to update you on my current experiences with China and PassageMaker.  Best of luck on your projects, Passagemaker for sure can be of major assistance to you.

They are hardworking, trustworthy, always do what they say, and get problems solved.  

Best Regards,



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