A Message from our Founder

Why I Started PassageMaker

I was fed up with middlemen & poorly run factories distorting pricing, failing to control quality and allowing intellectual property (IP) to be knocked off. So I decided to do something about it by forming PassageMaker, and since 1999 our system has been helping clients large and small successfully source from Asia.

Key Facts

About PassageMaker

  • PassageMaker Sourcing Solutions (PM) (www.PSSchina.com) is the flagship company in the PassageMaker Group (PMG).
  • PassageMaker is 100% American-owned, but China-based.
  • 30 employees at the Shenzhen office handle customer service, project management, logistics, accounting and administration.
  • 80 employees at our General Assembly Center.
  • 100 employees at our Medical Assembly Center which is a JV between PM and an American medical firm.
  • Our team was responsible for managing a combined supply chain valued at over 200 million USD in past 12 months!
  • At any given time, as large projects outgrow the initial “factory in a factory” and require a dedicated factory building of their own, PassageMaker is spinning off WFOE’s with a staff size ranging from as few as 50 employees to a few 1000!
  • Experience in over 180 different production classifications for a wide range of quality conscious industries.

While PassageMaker is in the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry, we have a very specialized focus on outsourced Supply Chain Management (SCM)/ Contract Manufacturing. Essentially, we provide China-based manpower, expertise and infrastructure for clients that wish to outsource some or all of their import export management and production needs. Watch the virtual tour and visit the services section for details.

What Makes PassageMaker Special?


We put a warranty on our work. Most trading companies, brokers and even manufacturers in China may not offer a warranty and even if they do, they may disappear before you can make a claim. PassageMaker has a successful track record and is happy to provide references.


We have the confidence to provide a warranty because every assembly / inspection project utilizes an industry-leading “Product Quality Manual (PQM)” which defines in intimate detail the quality standards, inspection methods and the assembly process.


PassageMaker is the first (and perhaps only) medium sized, 100% US-owned, assembly/inspection company in Shenzhen possessing the following:

  • In-house licensed customs brokers
  • Full import-export rights
  • Authorized by the Chinese government to process Value Added Tax (VAT) rebates.

These allow us to avoid all middlemen, protect sensitive documentation (such as identities of buyer and shipping destination) and ensure our pricing to customer receives the maximum amount of VAT rebate possible.

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