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Any VAT rebate in China on tooling made here?

Claiming VAT rebate in China A foreign buyer of Chinese plastic products asks: I am aware that VAT is applicable for the tooling owned by the customer at the supplier’s location in China to product a plastic part and export to Japan. Is there any option is available to buyer (Tool owner) to recover the […]


VAT rebate in China and possible VAT leak issues

VAT Issues when selling a made-in-China product to a China based customer This question comes in from a client in the USA: My Bill of Material (BOM) is made in China and we currently do our final assembly in HK and USA. We now have customers in Mainland China. I’m thinking about moving final assembly […]


VAT rebate in China: Buyers, save more!

China Daily ran an interesting article with the headlines “Export tax rebates will be increased this year in response to an export decline triggered by the European debt crisis”. Below are highlights from the article with my clarifications on how these items affect buyers and how we can take advantage of this opportunity. In order […]


VAT rebate in China: Reclaim on sales to China?

Jose wrote in with and interesting question about how the VAT rebate in China is processed on goods that are imported into the mainland. My focus is on exporting out of China, but as I deal in VAT everyday, I offered the following comments to Jose. I welcome feedback to confirm if my assessment is […]


Understanding VAT in China: Who pays?

In response to my recent blog post on VAT scams, Steve in the USA asks; “My understanding is that on direct exports from mainland China there is no vat tax that the foreign buyer need to pay the PRC government. Is that true?” Here is my response to aid Steve and others in understanding VAT in […]


VAT rebate in China: Scams exposed!

This post is based upon a recent question that came in to our mail bag. To protect the sensitive nature of the individual in question, we have changes the names and product, but the issues concerning VAT discussed below are be applicable to buyers of any product coming from China. Question: We are a wholesale […]