Black Box Manufacturing - Protecting Intellectual Property in China

Safeguard Your Ideas & Ensure Quality

Do You Have Business Secrets and/or Intellectual Property (IP) that Needs to be Protected?

If you answered ‘yes’, then ‘black box manufacturing’ from PassageMaker is a service worth considering.

On your behalf, PassageMaker can set up a Virtual Factory to serve as  “black box” and “quality gate” in China. Simply put, products are delivered to our China facility from your approved sub suppliers and then final assembly, inspection and/or packaging takes place under our roof.

As the sub suppliers don’t see the finished product, their ability to steal ideas and designs is limited. While final assembly is taking place at PassageMaker we can also inspect the goods to confirm quality.

While the client has total visibility as to the identity and pricing points of all entities in the supply chain, the “Black Box” keeps the suppliers at arm’s length from sensitive information, and makes protecting intellectual property in China much more effective.

(Read more about the Black Box Concept.)

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