Affordable Contract Manufacturing in China

Hitting Targets for Price, Quality & Lead time.

What is Contract Manufacturing from PassageMaker?

Our China-based, American-managed experts will recruit, employ, train & manage the manpower needed to manufacture, assemble, inspect and/or package your products at a dedicated production area within one of our existing factories

Why Contract Manufacturing with PassageMaker?

Working with PassageMaker as your partner for contract manufacturing in China takes the stress out of manufacturing your own products here. Why?

The effort required to build and manage a factory from the ground up can be intimidating, especially for those businesses that are new to China.

  • Setting up your own China manufacturing operations in China means opening a WFOE (Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise) which takes a great deal of investment and 8 to 24 months before it is licensed and ready for production. Can you wait that long to get started? PassageMaker is fully licensed and ready to start your production today.
  • Using a local China sourcing agent or international trading companies may sound easy, but they often lack transparency and don’t have the client’s best interest in mind. Most receive hidden commissions from the supplier.
  • At PassageMaker, your project is guaranteed to be managed by an experienced English-speaking Western project manager from either the USA or Europe.
  • Unlike PassageMaker, many trading companies, brokers, and manufacturers don’t offer any kind of warranty.
  • Maintaining business secrets and protecting Intellectual Property in China is paramount. Local companies in China don’t have a strong reputation in this area.

What Makes PassageMaker’s Contract Manufacturing Special?

  • Expert Knowledge On Tap – Leverage PassageMaker’s two decades of expertise and China-savvy management, SOP’s, business templates, quality systems, factory space & business licensing to make things run so much more smoothly in addition to:
  • Attractive Pricing – Utilizing local components & labor without sacrificing quality
  • Transparency – No middlemen or hidden charges
  • Trust – Total confidentiality of client’s intellectual property
  • Western Management – European and Americans based full-time in China
  • Scalable – Convert your contract manufacturing with us into your very own Chinese business (WFOE) should your business grow and running your own show becomes preferable
  • No Minimum Order Size – While the typical client purchases between 2 and 20 million USD per annum in China, if your project is large enough to support at least 1 full-time China-based support staff it is suitable for contract manufacturing
  • Social Compliance in China – PassageMaker is in full compliance with local, national and applicable international standards for corporate social responsibility including workplace safety and environmental protection. You would be surprised how many factories dump scrap out their back door. We don’t!
  • Overtime is not abused.
  • Dorms are comfortable.
  • Freedom of association.
  • Skills training system in place.
  • Non-discrimination.
  • Hiring based solely on the basis of their candidates ability to do the job. We do not discriminate on the basis of age, gender, racial characteristics, sexual preference, maternity or marital status, nationality or cultural, religious or personal beliefs.

What Happens During a Typical Contract Manufacturing Project?

A dedicated account manager will ascertain your needs through written, phone, video, and/or face-to-face meeting if possible

Your dedicated account manager (PassageMaker’s China-based account managers are native speakers of English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Chinese and Russian) will be on hand to offer you project updates at agreed upon intervals, and to answer any questions you may have otherwise as and when you require answers.

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