Tooling & Mold Making

The cost of tooling/ set up is researched during the Sourcing Feasibility Study when a client desires to produce a custom product in China. However, in some cases, the product to be exported is the tooling itself. PassageMaker can help you find and manage the specialized tool makers in China who export to the US, EU and other overseas markets. We can also help find and manage shops which service the China domestic market if the client’s delivery point is the PRC.

Tool Maker Identification & Analysis Value Proposition

US engineers based in China arrange manufacture and export of tooling to ensure customer requirements for price, quality and lead time are realized. All vendor information is provided to client in a transparent manner.

Project Experience Includes

  • Injected Plastics Molding
  • Metal Stamping Dies
  • Rubber Molding
  • Castings (sand castings, die castings, and investment casings in carbon, stainless steel, iron, aluminum, zinc, and brass)

Typical Project Phases

  • Tool Maker Identification & Analysis
  • Overseeing Tool Trials
  • Purchase Order Management
  • Coordination of Shipping and Delivery

Tool Maker Identification places an emphasis on in-the-field research in South China. Tool shops are identified via industry contacts, trade directories and publications, internal databases and our existing network of reputable and trusted tool makers.

Tool Maker Identification & Analysis Report Includes

  • Analysis and ranking of potential suppliers based on your price, quality, and lead time criteria
  • China pricing points
  • Contact details (phone, fax, email, and website)
  • Business size, scope, and production capabilities
  • Assessment of the factory’s English-language capability
  • Design suggestions for further cost savings

Tool Trials

Tool Trials are conducted in accordance with client’s desired testing protocol and are often based on a typical Mold Data Sheet as found here.

Fee Structure

Initial Research Fee for Tool Maker Identification & Analysis is based on the number of tools, taking into consideration the complexity of the project.  The majority of projects fall between 2000 and 8000 USD.  This fee is partially refunded should the client continue to use PassageMaker for on-going Vendor Management and achieve a pre-agreed level of business.

Upon receipt of research report, the client is free to deal directly with the tool maker if desired. Due to language, distance and time constraints, most clients choose PassageMaker to manage the on-going tooling for export process.

On-going Vendor Management and Order Execution Fees are applied in the form of a Percentage of Tooling Value taking into account the tooling complexity and the amount of “hand holding” required at the tool shop. This percentage generally falls around 10-15% with a minimum fee of 2650 USD.

The direct savings that our customers enjoy from proper tool shop identification and efficient project management far outweigh the costs to retain PassageMaker. Clients can avoid the time, energy, lost productivity and capital associated with multiple China visits and dealing a with foreign languages & cultures.

No customer has ever complained that they paid too much for PassageMaker’s Tool Maker Identification & Analysis!

References readily available: Let us put you in touch with a current client in your area. PassageMaker will make every possible effort to meet potential customers in person to discuss your project details.

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