Factory in a Factory

Alternatives to owning and operating a facility on your own in China

Quality-Focused Manufacturing Infrastructure in China

When the orders are steady and the project can support at least 1 laborer working on a full-time basis, setting up a dedicated production line is possible. It is the preferred option when issues of quality, design security and brand control are paramount. However, the effort required to build and manage a factory from the ground up can be intimidating, especially for those businesses which are new to China.

For companies that want greater control over the production process, but prefer to avoid the headaches associated with owning and operating a facility in China, PassageMaker offers the “Factory in a Factory” option.


PassageMaker leverages its China-based infrastructure (China-savvy management, SOP’s, business templates, quality systems, factory space & business licensing) to recruit, employ, train & manage the man power need to manufacture, assemble, inspect and/or packaging the client’s product at a dedicated production area within one of PassageMaker existing factories.

  • Attractive Pricing – Utilizing local components & labor without sacrificing quality
  • Transparency – No middlemen or hidden charges
  • Trust – Total confidentiality of client’s intellectual property
  • Western Management – European and Americans based full-time in China

Short lead time for initial production launch

Setting up a WFOE (wholly foreign owned entity) on your own requires a significant investment of time & capital. The process of registering a WFOE, completing all paperwork, obtaining relevant Chinese licensing and training staff, can take from 8 to 24 months. PassageMaker’s facilities are fully licensed and ready to start your production today!

Scalable & Flexible

If the client wishes to take formal ownership of the product line at some point in the future, the “factory in a factory” can be moved to a stand-only facility (often in the form of a WFOE) under new ownership in a seamless fashion.

Conversion to a WFOE does not necessarily mean an end to the PM-Client relationship as most clients may retain PassageMaker as service provider, trusted advisor and/or equity partner.

No Minimum Order Size

While the typical client purchases between 2 and 20 million USD per annum in China, if your project is large enough to support at least 1 full-time China-based support staff, PassageMaker can be of service!


Most trading companies, brokers and even manufacturers in China may not offer a warranty. PassageMaker has the confidence to provide a full warranty on our workmanship because every assembly/inspection project utilizes an industry-leading, bi-lingual, ISO compliant, “Product Quality Manual (PQM)” which defines in intimate detail the quality standards, inspection methods and the assembly process.

Shipping costs are reduced through freight consolidation and quality control issues are dealt with on-the-spot long before the item is shipped out of China.


The client’s has full visibility into the identity and pricing points of suppliers and sub-suppliers. Intellectual property and other sensitive client information are respected and protected.

PassageMaker will not unilaterally make changes (sub suppliers, raw materials, testing processes, equipment…) to the supply chain and assembly process.

Customer Service

PassageMaker’s China-based account managers are native speakers of English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Chinese and Russian. They serve as a single point of contact for the client.

Corporate Social Responsibility

PassageMaker is in full compliance with local, national and applicable international standards for corporate social responsibility including workplace safety and environmental protection. You would be surprised how many factories dump scrap out their back door. We don’t!

Workers are Respect

Every single employee enjoys a profit share system which is based on the individual’s KPI (key performance indicators) and corporate performance.

  • Overtime is not abused.
  • Dorms are comfortable.
  • Freedom of association.
  • Skills training system in place.
  • Non-discrimination.

Hiring based solely on the basis of their candidates ability to do the job. We do not discriminate on the basis of age, gender, racial characteristics, sexual preference, maternity or marital status, nationality or cultural, religious or personal beliefs.

If you care about sustainable sourcing, reliable quality, on-time delivery, design security, environmental impact, workplace safety and your brand’s reputation then PassageMaker is your ideal partner.

If you want a widget assembled at the lowest price possible with no regards to quality and intellectual property, then PassageMaker is probably not the ideal partner for your project.

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