Seminar recordings and other resources from the China Sourcing Summit

Global Sources hosts a China Sourcing Conference twice a year at their China Sourcing Fairs in April and October.  I have the honor of speaking at their events.  In case you didn’t have a chance to attend, in this blog post, I’ll share the seminar recordings and related resources.

Where to find the conference notes & video recordings?

EventTopicRecording/ Related Videos
Global Sourcing Trade Show (HK)China Sourcing : Best practices & common mistakes

If you liked the seminar, you may also enjoy the following:

  • China Sourcing Academy A great resource for professional training.  I am honored to be one of the online instructors at the academy.
  • The Essential Reference Guide to China Sourcing (available on Amazon) or learn more about my book here.


FAQ: How to ensure the seller is not a scam?


A Corporate Assessment (CA) report can provide viability into the stability, assets & reputation of a target company.

Red Flag Assessment (RFA): Risk, Scams & Fraud exposure on a given transaction/deal when buying from a Chinese company.


FAQ: How to find a reputable sourcing agency?

Option A: If your project is ongoing and you could benefit from having a team working full-time on your behalf in China, then check out PassageMaker as they set up and manage virtual sourcing teams and production lines.

Option B: If your project is one-off or you don’t need full time support, please check out my list of endorsed service providers for QC, Logistics, Sourcing Agents, Engineering, Consulting and much more at .


FAQ: Where to find an English speaking lawyer in China?  Affordable, Professional, English-speaking legal & business advisory services. I am on their board of advisors and recommend them with confidence for:

  • IP Registration

  • Bilingual Contracts

  • Dispute Resolution (including Loss Recovery)

  • Business Advisory Services

  • General Legal Counsel


If you have additional questions about China sourcing, feel free to contact me at your convenience and I will do my best to assist you.   Looking forward to being of service and wish you successful China Sourcing.

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