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Are you looking to start your China Sourcing at Trade Shows?

With the April 2017 trade show season in China/HK just around the corner, I thought it would make an interesting blog post to share with you the resources offered to the people I met at a October 2016 trade show. I hope you find it useful as you get you ready for the 2017 buying season & doing some China sourcing at trade shows! Don’t forget to attend this year’s conference on China sourcing if you are in Hong Kong come April!


Where to find the conference notes & video recordings?

EventTopicRecording/ Related Videos
Global Sources Trade Show (HK)How to Protect Business Secrets and Intellectual PropertyCovered in this video playlist.
Global Sources Trade Show (HK)How to Manage China Sourcing Projects from AfarEntire seminar + Q&A at
FBA Seminar (HK)Moving from supplier’s design to your designIP protection, Engineering and Vendor Selection covered here.
Austrian Chamber of Commerce (Guangzhou)Workshop: Advanced Supply Chain TacticsSimilar content at


International Sourcing Expo (Melbourne)Keynote Speech: “Sourcing in Asia Today: Effective and affordable strategies for overcoming challenges old and new”Entire seminar + Q&A at      Recorded in HK.


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Where to find professional and affordable help for China sourcing?

Here is my full list of endorsed service providers as mentioned in the seminars.  QC, Logistics, Sourcing Agents, Contract Manufacturers…


How to ensure the seller is not a scam? (3 recommended tools)


A Corporate Assessment (CA) report can provide viability into the stability, assets & reputation of a target company.

Red Flag Assessment (RFA): Risk, Scams & Fraud exposure on a given transaction/deal when buying from a Chinese company.

Now a word from our sister company:  Affordable, Professional, English-speaking legal & business advisory services.

I am on their board of advisors and recommend them with confidence for:

  • IP Registration
  • Bilingual Contracts
  • Dispute Resolution (including Loss Recovery)
  • Business Advisory Services
  • General Legal Counsel


Sorry for the long post but I wanted to give you as many resources as I could think of to help get you ready for the 2017 buying season! If you have additional questions about China sourcing, feel free to contact me at your convenience and I will do my best to assist you.

Looking forward to being of service and wish you successful China Sourcing.

Best Regards,

Mike Bellamy (LinkedIn Profile)

Celebrating 20 years in Asia!

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