Foreign Manufacturer’s Ultimate Guide to Hiring in China (whitepaper)

A breakdown of what you need to know when hiring in China

During my 20 years living in Asia, I’ve owned a number of different business entities in greater China, ranging from China WFOE’s to HK holding companies to service companies. I’ve represented fortune 500 companies as well as startups in their dealings with China.

I’m on the board of advisors at AsiaBridgeLaw, but I’m not a lawyer and I don’t claim to be a China “guru.” China is too big and changing too fast, and anybody that claims to be an expert on all aspects of China business should not be taken seriously…

I’ve hired hundreds of employees over the years and dismissed dozens. I’ve been dragged into labor disputes with unpleasant outcomes and I’ve also sent staff to jail for contract violations and unauthorized activities. I’ve recruited, hired and trained local Chinese staff as well as China-based N. Americans, Europeans and Asians.

I’ve had my share of success as well as failure, and in this whitepaper I’d like to share some of the key lessons, pitfalls and best practices that I learned the hard way when answering the deceptively simple question of “what do foreigners need to know when hiring and managing local staff in China?”

Who will benefit from reading this whitepaper?

Who will benefit from reading this hiring in China whitepaper

Foreigners who own a WFOE or are thinking about setting up a WFOE will benefit the most from this whitepaper, but the concepts discussed in the whitepaper are applicable to any foreign business person who is wants to recruit, hire and manage a team in China.

What can reader’s can expect to gain from this whitepaper?

This whitepaper is designed to offer both a general framework for how to structure your dealings with the employees in China (both Chinese and Foreign) as well as provide practical tools, tips and best practices for your day-to-day interactions with staff.

We will cover:

  • Introduction to the “Three Circle Framework” – Relationship, documentation, monitoring

  • Relationship – Finding & interviewing good candidates, employee training and how to expertly navigate cross-cultural communications

  • Documentation – How to structure effective labor contracts, drafting an employee handbook, reference templates and building a KPI system that works in China
  • Monitoring – Employee compensation benchmarks and a few tips for maintaining a good relationship with your Chinese staff

My goal in writing this whitepaper is to offer an affordable and effective way to protect the foreign employer while being fair to the employees. This is not a guide on how to outsmart your employees or find loop holes in the China labor laws.


“How can I download my own copy?”

This complimentary whitepaper is available for download by simply clicking the button below! I sincerely hope that all the foreign manufacturers out there will find this whitepaper of great value when it comes down to hiring, training, managing and firing staff in China…


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