Seminar recordings and other resources from the China Sourcing Summit

Global Sources hosts a China Sourcing Conference twice a year at their China Sourcing Fairs in April and October.  I have the honor of speaking at their events.  In case you didn’t have a chance to attend, in this blog post, I’ll share the seminar recordings and related resources.

Where to find the conference notes & video recordings?

EventTopicRecording/ Related Videos
Global Sourcing Trade Show (HK)China Sourcing : Best practices & common mistakes

If you liked the seminar, you may also enjoy the following:

  • China Sourcing Academy A great resource for professional training.  I am honored to be one of the online instructors at the academy.
  • The Essential Reference Guide to China Sourcing (available on Amazon) or learn more about my book here.


FAQ: How to ensure the seller is not a scam?


A Corporate Assessment (CA) report can provide viability into the stability, assets & reputation of a target company.

Red Flag Assessment (RFA): Risk, Scams & Fraud exposure on a given transaction/deal when buying from a Chinese company.


FAQ: How to find a reputable sourcing agency?

Option A: If your project is ongoing and you could benefit from having a team working full-time on your behalf in China, then check out PassageMaker as they set up and manage virtual sourcing teams and production lines.

Option B: If your project is one-off or you don’t need full time support, please check out my list of endorsed service providers for QC, Logistics, Sourcing Agents, Engineering, Consulting and much more at .


FAQ: Where to find an English speaking lawyer in China?  Affordable, Professional, English-speaking legal & business advisory services. I am on their board of advisors and recommend them with confidence for:

  • IP Registration

  • Bilingual Contracts

  • Dispute Resolution (including Loss Recovery)

  • Business Advisory Services

  • General Legal Counsel


If you have additional questions about China sourcing, feel free to contact me at your convenience and I will do my best to assist you.   Looking forward to being of service and wish you successful China Sourcing.

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How to Register, Protect, Monitor & Enforce Intellectual Property (IP) Rights in China

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Exclusive Video: How to Register, Protect, Monitor & Enforce IP Rights in China

Speaker: PassageMaker Founder- Mike Bellamy

As presented at Global Sources’ China Sourcing Fairs in Hong Kong (Oct 2014) and Johannesburg (Nov 2014)

If you are unable to open YouTube due to firewall issues, here are some related links for your reference: How to register, protect and monitor intellectual property (Part 1,2 &3 )

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China sourcing: Negotiation, Contracts and Payments

China sourcing negotiation contracts and payments

Exclusive recording of Mike Bellamy’s Sourcing Tutorial at the April 2014 Global Sources Trade Show in Hong Kong.
Learn the key factors and actionable knowledge that will help you prepare for “Chinese negotiation” and place safe orders!

Without a good foundation, your China sourcing project is likely to fail!

Mike Bellamy (PassageMaker founder) offers tips and best practices to ensure you are well positioned before the PO is even placed. Learn how to negotiate contract terms, and structure your payments, to protect your interests when doing business in China. The video tutorial covers some of the most important areas to consider before investing time and money on a China sourcing project. The recording of this seminar covers:

● The dos and don’ts of quality control, logistics and payment methods

● How to protect intellectual property

● Cost drivers and cost breakdown analysis

● Proven negotiation techniques

● Insight into the thinking of your Chinese suppliers