Is your Product Compliant with Government Standards?

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Exclusive Video!
Q&A with Mike Bellamy at the Australian International Sourcing Fair in Melbourne (Nov 2014).

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Topic: How to confirm if your product is compliant with government standards

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About the speaker: For over a decade Mike Bellamy has been an advisor to both small and fortune 500 companies wanting to do business in China. Mike has overseen the sourcing of over 200 production classifications, ranging from components for medical and automotive applications to finished products such as toys, textiles and hardware.

Video: China Sourcing 2014-2015 – A round table talk with experts

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Raw Video: Panel Discussion: Various Topics/ Import-Export hosted by PassageMaker’s Mike Bellamy, China sourcing expert.

As presented at the Australian International Sourcing Fair’s Conference in Melbourne (Nov 2014) Day 2

Intro from the show organizer:

This exciting discussion panel will focus on international sourcing and provide practical tips, ideas and advice from industry experts. Mike Bellamy steers the ship on this discussion and leads a panel of highly regarded experts. Featuring Jane Tepper from EcoSleep & Mark Coleman from the Australian Chamber of International Trade, no stone will be left unturned as all the big issues are tackled. A valuable session for all delegates to interact and participate with industry leaders.

Visit Mike’s YouTube Channel for lots of video tutorials about sourcing in China… and don’t forget to subscribe!

China sourcing: Negotiation, Contracts and Payments

China sourcing negotiation contracts and payments

Exclusive recording of Mike Bellamy’s Sourcing Tutorial at the April 2014 Global Sources Trade Show in Hong Kong.
Learn the key factors and actionable knowledge that will help you prepare for “Chinese negotiation” and place safe orders!

Without a good foundation, your China sourcing project is likely to fail!

Mike Bellamy (PassageMaker founder) offers tips and best practices to ensure you are well positioned before the PO is even placed. Learn how to negotiate contract terms, and structure your payments, to protect your interests when doing business in China. The video tutorial covers some of the most important areas to consider before investing time and money on a China sourcing project. The recording of this seminar covers:

● The dos and don’ts of quality control, logistics and payment methods

● How to protect intellectual property

● Cost drivers and cost breakdown analysis

● Proven negotiation techniques

● Insight into the thinking of your Chinese suppliers

Buying from China? What you need to know – Shanghai Jan. 12-15 2011

Buying from China? What you need to know - Shanghai Jan. 12-15 2011

The China Sourcing Information Center has recently partnered with Global Sources to host the New Buyer’s Conferences at various Global Sources’ shows worldwide. January 12-15, Global Sources’ New Buyers conference was in Shanghai. Mike Bellamy attended the show and gave the presentations which you can view below.

Fundamentals of China Sourcing

Speaker: Mike Bellamy

Chairman, China Sourcing Information Center (

China Operations Director, PassageMaker Sourcing Solutions (

This 90 minute course will offer detailed information about best practices and common pitfalls relating to evaluating suppliers and placing Purchase Orders (POs). Whether you’re new to China sourcing or a seasoned veteran who wants a fresh perspective on the subject, this seminar will give you valuable advice to help you source more productively and profitably.


1. Conducting the RFQ (Request For Quotation)

2. Negotiation in China

3. Critical Contractual Items

• Price

• Quality

• Lead Times

• Payment Terms

• Intellectual Property

Valuable “tools of the trade” such as check lists and templates used by industry experts will be provided.

Click here to see Oct 2009 interview at Hong Kong trade show

PassageMaker founder Mike Bellamy speaks to an interviewer at a Global Sources trade show in Hong Kong.