been a while

Not that I have the readership of other bloggers out there, but I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted. I’d love to say that I’ll be posting once or twice a week, but I can’t say that and still maintain my impressive record of honesty.

So I guess I can do a bit of a recap-

September- Launched the “China Sourcer” magazine for the non profit China Sourcing Information Center publishes online. Honestly each issue is getting better, and I hope people will read it!

I also left for Palau for the Chinese New Year

October- Palau- Ohhhhh no words available. I learned how to scuba dive there. the clearest water and skies were a welcome break from the grind, grime, and non-clear skies of China. Highly, Highly recommend Palau. I’ll have to dedicate another blog and share some photos

October also began tradeshow season. 3 shows representing the China Sourcing Information Center, and a bit of buzz was created for the magazine. I’m looking forward to see the fruits of our labors pay off this month.

November- just about to launch our 3rd issue for the magazine. Phew tradeshow season depleted our working time for it. But I think most of us agree who have read it, this will be our best issue yet!

In regards to account management, my case is finally making some headway. Just trying to sort out the final details (and oh there are many, as 4 different components have to be sourced) to get a production run going. Needless to say I’m getting my education’s worth out of this internship! More to come in the NEAR future I do hope.

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