Back in the saddle again

I haven’t blogged in the last few weeks because I’ve been moving. Sometime over a beer I will tell you the whole profanity-laced version of why we had to move, of why we had to move in such a short period of time, from a house with heat into one without, from a house with walls and paint into one where we immediately had to start demolition on half the house, such that we are really camping, weaving in and out of piles of our stuff, covered to try and prevent insulation and dust from seeping into everything.

In the long run, it is a good thing, as this is the house we always wanted. I bought the house I grew up in from my Father, now the third generation to own it since my grandparents bought it 50 years ago. It was a great house and when we are finished renovating, it will be again. But this was certainly not how I envisioned the deed going down.

Suffice it to say, I’m way behind on everything, including blogging. And there has been so much to blog about, from the re-branding of our sister company, Asia Quality Focus (formerly China Quality Focus), to celebrate the opening of their new office in Bangladesh, to the launch of the China Sourcing Information Center and its monthly online magazine, The China Sourcer. I look forward to getting back to it, especially the blogging.

Today is Thanksgiving in the USA, a great and distinctly American holiday. I am thankful for many things, far too many to list, but most especially for the opportunity to do something I love while keeping my family happy. And for finally having internet access after two weeks. More on that little adventure tomorrow!

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