How I love Taiwan

A very interesting article on the recent elections in Taiwan. I lived there in 1998 and miss it a bit everyday.

My experience in Taiwan tells me that the folks in Beijing should not fear the animal spirits of democracy. The CCP has done an amazing job of creating the conditions for economic growth; self-evident over the last 20 years. I am betting they would still dominate the field in a fair election.

Regardless of the political aspect, I heartily agree with the author that Taiwan feels like the real China. If you’ve been to The Forbidden City in Beijing, you really need to go to the National Palace Museum in Taipei. The Maoists spared the buildings, but the Nationalists saved the contents of the buildings.

And if you are ever in Taipei, I strongly suggest Da Wang Gong Niu Rou Mian on ShiDa Lu for the best beef noodle soup in the world!

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