What must the Chinese think of Halloween (to say nothing of Mardi Gras)?

Well, finally recovered from Halloween. Kids had a great time, as did the adults. And yes, ALL of the store-bought costumes were Made in China. How odd it must be to mass produce accoutrement for another country’s holidays. What would an American printing company think if it were asked to print ghost money or bake moon cakes for China?

One of our sales reps, Allan Tsang, directed me to this film, Mardi Gras: Made in China. I’ve only seen the trailer (and it is NOT SAFE FOR WORK), but I will have to track down the full version pronto. And not for that reason. Get your mind out of the gutter.

How bizarre and fascinating that the currency for drunken debauchery and exhibitionism (which also fuels the Girls Gone Wild DVD empire – and no, I will not provide a link) are plastic beads made by earnest teenaged factory workers half way around the world in Fuzhou Province. What a world.

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