Mike Bellamy knows his stuff (part 2)

For anyone thinking of doing business in China, please listen here for an excellent interview with PassageMaker founder Mike Bellamy. In this interview, he focuses on practical measures to protect your Intellectual Property (IP) when dealing with Chinese suppliers.

PassageMaker has years of experience protecting our clients’ IP, including filling Chinese patents and trademarks using our Endorsed Service Provider for legal services, Ms. Li Yan of the JunZeJun Law Firm. All of our core service offerings – Sourcing Feasibility Studies, Vendor Coordination, Assembly-Inspection-Packaging, Factory Formation – were developed with the primary goal of IP protection.

And don’t ignore protecting your design in your home market. For our American clients, we recommend Michael Mann and Todd Serbin of Nexsen|Pruet.

If you’ve spent the time and money to design the product, why would you not take every effort to protect it from theft? Contact PassageMaker and let us show you how to successfully and securely manufacture your product in China.

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