China Sourcing: Warranty Issues and Quality Systems

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Warranty Issues and Quality Systems

An importer of notebook computers and tablets writes in to get some advice on quality systems and warranty issues when buying from China.

I am currently importing from China and I am very interested in all that you have been teaching over at , now I would like to ask if PassageMaker provides certain premium services when it comes to linking warranty issues and quality issues altogether.

Assuming I use your service to import good to my country which is Malaysia, how will you deal with warranty issues? Let’s say for example if I were to buy 1000 tablets right now via your company and after having them shipped here, I realize that 2.5% of the goods are defective, how do I go about fixing this issue? Do you have any service which actually guarantees the quality of the goods or some sort of assurance that your clients get what they pay for?

I am actually thinking of buying tablets and other gadgets from China but the warranty issue does worry me a little as I have heard that factories don’t really accept the items back and even if they agreed to fix it, sending it back to them and spending all that money just for shipping the goods back would eat up most of my profits. I would like to know if you do have a solution to this and if so, I would love to use your services. Thank you, Mike.

Warranty Issues and Quality Systems

Yes, PassageMaker can help. We are a China sourcing agency that helps our clients find and manage vendors with particular attention to quality issues and warranty issues as you mention.

product certification and compliance in china 300x225

To be specific, outsourcing supply chain management is a service which includes a professional review of your agreements with suppliers to make sure you have clear QC standards and that the contracts protect you in terms of what happens if warranty issue arise due to non-confirming goods.

This service, for example, is designed to ensure non-confirming goods don’t get shipped.

Between those 2 services, you would be very safe. Fees are explained at the PDF download found here.

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Do QC BEFORE the goods are loaded. Good luck sending defects back to China.


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