Great China sourcing content worth reading from May 2012

Great China sourcing content worth reading

Here is a list of the most popular pieces of content from the China Sourcing Information Center. Much of the content below was created by PassageMaker staff who volunteer at the CSIC.


Best of CSIC 4.24.2012 to 5.21.2012

“ask the experts”

Tips for Selecting a 3rd Party Service Provider

Learning materials to help get ready for China sourcing

One Stop Shops vs. Industry Specialists

Problems with unauthorized gray channel imports

What is the normal practice for requesting samples from manufacturers in China?

Clarifying the VAT impact

What needs to be marked “Made in China”?

“general articles”

Subcontracting by suppliers: Buyer beware!

Made-in-China: Quality and cultural divergences

“videos of the month”

10 Common Mistakes – Q&A

Common Mistake #10: ‘Not knowing which functions to outsource and which ones to keep in house’

“White Paper of the month”

The Facts about Production Costs in China

Mike’s China Sourcing Blog

trade friction: now even the kitchen sink affected

RMB’s exchange rate more flexible. Your risk just doubled. What to do?

Sourcing expert gets the smack down from a QC expert

More free resources: business guide to China’s provinces

Sophie’s China Law Blog

How to choose the China business’ structure?

Chinese-Foreign Lawsuits on the rise in China

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