China sourcing: Best of CSIC for April 2012

Great China sourcing content worth reading

PassageMaker is a proud sponsor of the not-for-profit China Sourcing Information Center. The CSIC in conjunction with PassageMaker offers a range of free educations resources to international buyers. Here are links to the “best of” CSIC content for this month. Enjoy!

ask the experts Q&A

What needs to be marked “Made in China”?

DIY or outsource your sourcing?

Molds and Tooling Costs

The Chinese Spring Festival and Shipping/Processing from China

Statistics on sales volumes for USA brands

Breakdown of subcontracting cost

Doing due diligence and background investigations.

How should I record and manage factory conditions?

The seller wants 100% up front. What should I do?

What’s the securest payment method, and who can I trust

Quote of the month

“If you aren’t explicit about what you want, you will get exactly what you didn’t ask for. And without a signed, formal Purchase Order you have next to no legal recourse in China should something go wrong.” – Mike Bellamy, Author of “The essential reference guide to China sourcing” on the subject of QC and PO’s.

Videos of the month

Common Mistake #9: ‘Registering your intellectual property after you have been knocked off’

Common Mistake #8: ‘Arm’s length buying’

Common Mistake #7: ‘Leaky contracts’

Common Mistake #6: ‘Payments not liked to performance’

Common Mistake #5: ‘Who’s the project manager?’

Common Mistake #4: ‘Failure to conduct due diligence and verify key information’

Learn how Global Sources can help you source

Common Mistake #3: ‘Failure to audit the factory/ Falling for the golden sample’

Mike’s China Sourcing Blog

Exclusive look at data from one of the largest Chinese supplier surveys ever conducted

My friend Kevyn, the Magnum PI of China sourcing

Is there hope for IPR in China?

Pay suppliers in RMB and save big

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