I had a late dinner Monday night with an old friend/classmate/colleague/client who was passing through town. We had a nice time watching the Colts defeat the Dolphins, despite despite only having the ball for 14:53 (amazing), while reviewing his exciting new product, eating way too many hot wings and reminiscing about the start up days of PassageMaker. Back then, I was the client, and he was one of 4 or 5 employees.

PassageMaker has grown to around 150 employees in China, and our global sales force will likely number 20 sales reps by the end of the year. You’ll see changes to this website as we introduce our global sales force and country offices. PassageMaker-Mexico is already up and running with active clients. I am working daily to formalize a relationship in Brazil that will form the foundation of PassageMaker-Brazil. Same thing for Australia/New Zealand. And for India. We’ll have at least 3-4 active sales reps in Europe within the next 30 days (for instance Julien Roger, Managing Director of our ally, China Quality Focus, covers France and Belgium). We are even in discussions to set up a representative in South Africa to serve all of sub-Saharan Africa. We already have a network of reps in the USA covering most of the country.

We expect at least the Mexico office to grow into an Assembly Center in a few years time. Just as we’ve grown from one guy working in his living room a decade ago, we intend to make the PassageMaker name a truly global brand over the next decade. It isn’t how long you have the ball; it’s what you do with it while you have it.

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