Great China sourcing content worth reading from June 2013

Great China sourcing content worth reading

Here is a list of the most popular pieces of content from the China Sourcing Information Center. Much of the content below was created by PassageMaker staff who volunteer at the CSIC.

Best of CSIC 6.4.2013 to 7.2.2013

Ask the experts

What do MOB and FOB Mean?

Importing Food and Country FDA Registration Requirments.

What is the Import Duty on my Product?

Blog Posts

Excellent (& free) resources for buyer education

Too good to be true, rings true, whether buying or selling in China


Ming-Global ‘Q & A Part 2′ Part 11 of 11

Ming-Global ‘Q & A Part 1′ Part 10 of 11

Ming-Global ‘Conclusion’ Part 9 of 11

Ming-Global ‘Timing, Quality and Finished Products’ Part 8 of 11

Ming-Global ‘Do Not Negotiate’ Part 7 of 11

Ming-Global ‘RFQ’ Part 6 of 11

Ming-Global ‘Importance of Artwork and Cartoon Markings’ Part 5 of 11

Ming-Global ‘Internal Sourcing Request’ Part 4 of 11

Ming-Global ‘Language Barrier for Chinese Suppliers’ Part 3 of 11

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