China’s leading the green energy revolution

China's leading the green energy revolution

I actually had a fellow throw this bit of wisdom at me during a recent cocktail party, by which he meant solar and wind power generation. He of course had never been to China, but he read it somewhere, so it must be true.

I told him that all the green energy projects in China were on top of all the new coal fired power plants. As one wag put it, it’s like a 600 lb. man eating a 12 course meal and then finishing up with a Lean Cuisine microwave dinner as a bedtime snack because he’s “on a diet”.

This reminded me of an email conversation with one of our Endorsed Service Providers, who also has never been to China:

Our ESP – Hey, Whit. Is it pollution, or fog in this website background? [ed. – That’s really cool website by the way. Make sure to click through.]

Me – pollution.

Ignore the hype. Solar and wind won’t replace coal, oil and gas anytime soon. Thorium may be another matter, but greens have a cow at the thought of anything nuclear, so my conversation partner wasn’t talking about that.

Face it, we outsourced our pollution.

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