Funeral for a Friend and the importance of living a life less ordinary

No business today. I was honored to be asked to usher a funeral for a friend. An active and athletic man, not yet 50 who died suddenly over the weekend. A loving husband and father of two young children. He was much loved and the church was standing room only.

My Mother passed away 25 years ago this October. It was not so sudden, but a month after she complained of a unusually bad headache she was gone at age 44.

Her Father lived an active life until 95 and got to know his great-granddaughter. My nephew is battling cancer today at age 6. You don’t know how long you’ve got.

I made a pledge a long time ago to live a life less ordinary. To plan like you are going to live forever and live like you are going to die tomorrow. So far so good and today reinforces that pledge.

The funeral also brought home to me also why as much as I love China, I don’t live there. You don’t appreciate the relationships of home until you see it manifest at such an event.

We’ll miss you, Lin.

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