Stomach of Iron, Liver of Steel (I wish)

As I look at the possibility of returning to Asia for an extended trip in the near future, I can honestly report a piquant combination of excitement and fear.

Excitement because it has been too long since my last trip, and I have missed China and Singapore.

Fear because I am not sure how much abuse I can take. I’ve mentioned the mixed pleasures of the Chinese business banquet before. You really can’t escape them forever.

I don’t drink coffee, can’t stand sodas and am no fan of hard liquor or wine. On the drink front, that pretty much leaves me with bottled water (suspect in China), hot tea (perfectly safe due to the “rolling dragon boil” required to brew it) and beer (bottled, carbonated and alcoholic = safe to drink).

For health and productivity reasons, when in the USA I tend to stick to decaffeinated iced tea and non-alcoholic beer. It’s a party a minute around here, but there are no such drink options in Asia.

Add to that the food sanitation and spices, and I’m pretty certain to be in for some “rapid weight loss programs”.

Don’t get me wrong, I am almost quaking with excitement at the prospect of seeing old friends and eating all my favorite dishes. Whenever I am in Asia I feel energized like you just don’t get in the USA. But I don’t stay in upscale hotels or dine exclusively at Western restaurants. Life is short and you’ve got to dive in to enjoy it, damn the consequences.

So heavily laden with Lomotil and Pepcid AC, off I head to my favorite part of the world. Now if someone would just tell my digestive tract.

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