Tips on Attending Trade Shows in China

If you are seeking a Chinese supplier to manufacture your goods in the PRC and have made plans to attend a trade show in China to find a supplier then PassageMaker has the following suggestions to make the most out of your trade show experience:

Do Your Homework Before Attending the Show

Since there are so many Chinese suppliers, research qualified suppliers before hand online and email them to see if they are exhibiting at the trade show. If they are, arrange an in-person meeting during the trade show. If possible, visit the potential supplier’s facility while you’re in China so that you can ensure that the supplier actually has the infrastructure and know-how to manufacture your product.

Consider the trade show an opportunity to collect market intelligence instead of forcing yourself to sign a deal with the first supplier you meet at the show. Therefore, ask important questions about the supplier’s financial health, sales turnover, quality control history and so forth.

However, if your goal is to sign an agreement with a supplier while attending the trade show, then bring along pertinent information such as, common terms of trade, pricing information, lead time requirements, shipping costs, etc and discuss them in detail with suppliers. Keep in mind that many reputable suppliers exist in China that do not attend trade shows so don’t fret if a qualified supplier that you found online is not attending.

Some Things to Keep in Mind…

One: Be wary of disclosing drawings with exact specifications of your, especially with new-to-market products to with suppliers while at the trade show because the suppliers can turnaround and be your biggest competitor a few months later. Therefore, make sure your product patent and trademarks are in place.

Two: Beware of increased tooling and/or shipping costs from the supplier to compensate for their low promotion price on products at the show.

Three: To present your product more articulately to potential manufacturers, make sure to bring product materials written in Mandarin to the trade show.


Open Lines of Communication

Arrange a translator before the show begins. While many English-speaking students will offer to be your translator outside the trade show grounds, it is advisable to arrange an interpreter that is familiar with the products and technical terms (in both English and Mandarin) in the industry you are researching. Make sure the translator is knowledgeable about your goals and products before attending the Fair. Remember that many qualified reputable suppliers do not have good English speaking skills but they have the know-how to manufacture your product. Try not to judge suppliers solely by their English language skills.

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  1. Biming Li
    Biming Li says:

    Really useful tips but what if someone needs an online source to be a part of the fair as many of us are not able to exactly visit the fair but really interested in joining it.


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