A Rivalry on the Roof of the World

I haven’t read TIME magazine regularly in years. My parents had a subscription and I read it weekly as a adolescent. When I was living in the UK and then later in Singapore, I started reading The Economist as a far more comprehensive weekly news magazine than either TIME or Newsweek. Both of those magazines engage in panic journalism – headlines always screaming about the latest end of the world – whereas The Economist and the Asian Wall Street Journal (which I picked up in Taiwan) were more reliable for sober news. However, I spotted this interesting (if a bit overwrought) article on the tensions between India and China. Regular readers on this blog know that the ultimate goal for PassageMaker is to expand into all the emerging production centers around the world, first with sales offices, followed by Sourcing/Assembly Centers, making our model of Trust & Transparency truly global. First up with most likely be Mexico, but India is high on the list.

PassageMaker has a number of long-term Indian clients, and during October’s trade shows, our team met with many Indian businessmen currently doing sourcing in China or looking to start. While there is competition between the two countries, there is also the recognition that China is the more developed industrial nation and the locale to sets the “world price”. I don’t get the feeling a shooting war is on the horizon. Tension, yes, but there are still many opportunities for Indian buyers, and PassageMaker has years of experience helping our Indian clients succeed in China.

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