Weekend notes

Couple of articles and points of clarification:

  • In my post on Foxconn founder, Terry Gou, I pointed out that the romanization of his family name should be Guo. I assumed that it was the magazine that made the mistake, but since information on Mr. Gou is sparse, I cannot be sure. Since Taiwan does not use pinyin, it is possible that is how he spells it. Certainly he has enough money he can spell it anyway he pleases.
  • If my recent post makes it sound like Mike and I drank our way through school and are still burning the candle at both ends, that is an inaccurate portrait. We are both responsible family men. But I will say that drinking is a business skill in Asia, and we do have mad skills.
  • A good article on the higher education bubble I mentioned in the post linked above – The Bubble: Higher Education’s Precarious Hold on Consumer Confidence.
  • Chinese think tank warns US it will emerge as loser in trade war – interesting counterpoint at the end of the article.
  • Shenzhen is getting the world’s second tallest building.

Have a good weekend!

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