China’s other revolution

I remember hearing the term “monk hotels” when I lived in Taiwan. By that they meant that these hotels did not allow a foreign visitor to bring a “new wife” home with them for the night.

These hotels were already anachronisms in Taipei 12 years ago when I lived there, but China was far more conservative.

Now, it has changed dramatically, and China is as sexually liberated as any place on earth. I say this without any judgment on whether this is a good our bad thing, but it is true that China has opened to the world in more ways than just economics in the last 30 years.

This article from the AP, “Swingers’ case tests sexual limits in China”, highlights the dramatic changes.

The US engagement with China has always been predicated on the concept that through trade we would alter their society and thus diffuse any potential conflict.

Can you imagine a more Western defense than, “How can I disturb social order? What happens in my house is a private matter.”? Summed up in those two sentences are concepts of personal privacy and private property that would would have been incomprehensible 20 years ago.

How much China has changed since then…

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