Why I love the circus

One of my favorite things to do is take my family to the circus. I like them all, but my favorite is Cole Brothers under the big top, the way a circus should be.

I love circuses because you can’t fake it. Everything is live, and it all depends on the elegant combination of individual skill and teamwork.

PassageMaker has grown in a decade from one guy (Mike Bellamy) working in his living room after his day job with one customer (me), into a company with over 150 employees and a global sales force. We serve clients in nearly every conceivable market segment; we participate in supply chains ranging from global OEMs to the next hit on DRTV; and even in this recession, we continue to grow. Our facility in Buji includes a highly sophisticated medical assembly center that specializes in sterile manufacturing, assembly, inspection and packaging of certified medical products used around the world (“clean room” doesn’t really sum it up).

There are a million trading companies in China, all who claim to be the right partner for your business. But there are things you can’t fake. When you work on the high-wire without a net, you’d better be for real. Our track record proves we are, so sit back and enjoy the performance.

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