Why go it alone?

Random thoughts at the end of a great week, one where long-delayed projects resumed, new customers signed on, and some HUGE potential clients visited our facilities in Shenzhen and Buji:

  1. While I don’t think for a minute the recession is over, I am amazed at the resilience of the entrepreneurs we meet in this business. Creative, driven people with amazing ideas. Coming from the soul-draining purgatory of automotive, the best part of being PassageMaker’s global sales chief is the opportunity to work with such people in so many markets.
  2. Even though a significant percentage of our clients are inventors and start-ups, some of these new prospects have been working in China for 15+ years. They see PassageMaker’s bricks-and-mortar; our skill navigating the Chinese VAT system; our proven ability to manage supply chains for everything from medical products to toys; our commitment to “Trust & Transparency“; as game-changers that can simplify their lives, reduce costs and generally provide piece of mind. While PassageMaker doesn’t claim to eliminate all the difficulties of doing business in China, we could not have grown as we have if we could not deliver on our promises.
  3. At the close of this amazing week, I heard the story of a local businessman who just returned from his first trip to China. He doesn’t speak the language, but felt obligated to go to try to convey his expectations to the suppliers. He was basically told by his hosts not to expect too much, this was China after all and quality problems happen. While in a sense this is wise counsel, what a sad statement. I would advise anyone who loves to explore and travel to visit China, but not for that reason! PassageMaker and our friends at www.SourcingServiceCenter.com are in business to help insure quality and keep our clients at home with their families. You can bet I will be contacting this gentleman first thing Monday morning to offer our services!

Great weekend to all!

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