It is a huge misconception that creativity is confined to “the arts”

My mother, who passed away 24 years ago today, was a professional artist. Her grave marker says “Artist-Wife-Mother”, and I do not think that is a false order.

I wanted to emulate her when I was younger and even took private lessons from her student, Ann Glover. There was a brief period in my late teens when I would say I was on my way to being a decent artist or illustrator.

Then I lost interest in creative pursuits like “art”. It was not until years later that I realized that creativity is not restricted to the “arts”.

PassageMaker serves a wide variety of companies, many of which were founded by entrepreneurs and inventors, and many of which participate in Fortune 500 supply chains. What I find constant among these clients is the brilliance and originality – the artistry – they bring to their designs and products. Creativity is not limited to the “arts”.

PassageMaker created our network of Endorsed Service Providers and formulated our service offerings – Sourcing Feasibility Studies, Vendor Coordination and Assembly-Inspection-Packaging – to support those companies bringing innovative products to market while protecting their Intellectual Property from the piracy that sadly is all too common in China.

I hope that if you are reading this, you will see clear to entrust your creative product concept to us and let us help you make it a reality.

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