Who Dares Wins

This is the motto of the British Special Air Service. It is also great advice for any entrepreneur.

I had my first job at 14 running a lathe in a machine shop. I am sure I did a horrible job that first summer. I’ve worked in factories many times since then, and all those experiences taught me two major lessons:

  1. Respect the people who work in the factories, farms, restaurants and shops around you. If you can’t show respect and honor to the person serving you food, you don’t deserve any respect yourself.
  2. I was not cut out for corporate life.

Now #1 above needs no explanation. Or it shouldn’t. Shame on you if it does.

But #2…I never really considered going to work for anyone else after those summers in the factory. As I write this, it is 2:24 AM EDT, I’ve been at work since 7:30 AM EDT the previous morning. I should be burned out, but instead I am energized. This is my company and my passion.

What I love most about being in charge of global sales for PassageMaker and China Quality Focus are the entrepreneurs I meet. It is a huge misconception that creativity is confined to “the arts”. These are fiercely creative people who bring astounding ideas to the world. They deserve the support that PassageMaker provides through our Sourcing Feasibility Studies, Vendor Coordination and Assembly-Inspection-Packaging services.

Through our network of Endorsed Service Providers, we strive to offer service at every stage of a project’s life. Mike and I are entrepreneurs; we have taken these risks and we believe in the motto “Who Dares Wins”. More than anything we want to see our clients win.

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