Great China sourcing content worth reading from December 2012

Great China sourcing content worth reading

Here is a list of the most popular pieces of content from the China Sourcing Information Center. Much of the content below was created by PassageMaker staff who volunteer at the CSIC.


“ask the experts”


VAT Smoke and Mirrors.


My Goods Are Stuck in China Customs.


Who Owns the IP? Is it Safe to Buy From China?


Selling to China. Negotiations and VAT.


Chinese Line Workers Expect OT.


Tools to Confirm Legitimacy of Supplier


How Can We Get the Credit Report of a Chinese Exporter?


Can a small buyer get 90 day credit?


“Is a Trading Company the Same as an Import Export Company?”


Is This Supplier Still in Business?


Mike’s China Sourcing Blog


Factory email hacked. 29K USD stolen from buyer. How to avoid it happening to you.


Reports of China’s death as a sourcing destination are still highly exaggerated


CSIC team in Johannesburg to help buyers


Who gets the VAT rebate?


S. Asian Factory Fire’s impact on Sourcing



China Sourcing to Middle Eastern Countries

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