China State Construction nets $100m US subway deal; or a tale of three links

Three headlines today

  1. The largest Chinese construction firm wins a bid to work on the NYC subway system.
  2. ‘Real’ unemployment rate hits 17.5%.
  3. And it’s only 34.5% among young black men.

I’m sure that will go over well. It’s all about the timing.

The recession is nowhere close to over, yet PassageMaker continues to get new clients, and our efforts to expand outside of North America are paying off as clients in new markets like Australia, Brazil, Israel, Spain, etc., sign up with PassageMaker, China Quality Focus, QTP Bag & Case (our bag manufacturing company) and SafePassage (selling into China).

I am thrilled to see entrepreneurs with such faith in the market and their own products. Thank God for small favors.

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