Odd & Ends…it’s Monday

I’ve been down with a cold, so no entries the last few days, and don’t really feel like one now, but here goes.

From Jake Tapper of ABC, “Did the Chinese Government Crack Down on an Obama Interview?“. I love the line, “It is all bizarre, and self-contradictory, and very China.”

From Dan Welygan, our salesman based in Seattle, a link to The Black China Hand, a very good blog. Read especially the two entries (17 & 18 Nov 09) on fake Chinese companies. Sadly common.

And who knew SNL was funny again? This bit is as hard as I’ve laughed at anything they’ve done in years, and the saddest part is how true it is. Caution, to some sensitive souls NSFW.

And just because it is also funny (and sad) as a Packers fan, read this (originally from 2006 during the Muhammad cartoon mess, but still appropriate and still a scream). Hat tip to Brian Garvin.

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