Great China sourcing content worth reading from January 2013

Great China sourcing content worth reading

Here is a list of the most popular pieces of content from the China Sourcing Information Center. Much of the content below was created by PassageMaker staff who volunteer at the CSIC.

“ask the experts”

Angry Birds Gets Angry Over Counterfeit Angry Birds

China-ASEAN FTA Tariffs

I Want to Purchase Goods from China, But Don’t Have Importing License. Is a License a Must?

Back Door Shipments. What To Do?

Can I Go China Direct With No Sourcing Experience and a PO of 300 USD?

How Do I Avoid Getting Cut Out of the Supply Chain?

Why Do the Suppliers Ignore Me?


Best of the Asia Quality Blog for December 2012

Hong Kong Increases Exports to the Middle East

Book Review

Poorly Made in China

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