Great China sourcing content worth reading from December 2013

Great China sourcing content worth reading

Here is a list of the most popular pieces of content from the China Sourcing Information Center. Much of the content below was created by PassageMaker staff who volunteer at the CSIC.

Best of CSIC 12.3.2013 to 1.13.2014

QC: OK to be picky. But be professional.

Best of Fall at Asia Quality Focus [AQF]

B/L (Bill of Lading) manipulation scam

Top 4 questions asked of the CSIC in 2013

Hong Kong’s Virtual Scammers

Best of Fall at Global Sources [GS]

Sourcing Fair & Conference: Melbourne 2013. Video Recording/ Resources for Buyers

Purchase Orders or Purchase Contracts?

Insider’s look at legal services in China: Introduction to the series (Part 1)

Problems with SD card delivery. Scam or legitimate excuse?

Free tools for due diligence (China’s courts compile first ever blacklist)

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