When you’re one-in-a-million in China, there are 1300 people just like you

This link to extraordinary photos of Saturn really puts your life in perspective. Infinitesimal doesn’t come close. Visiting China for the first time is a similar experience. Holy mess, are there a lot of people!

The same problem exists when trying to locate a capable set of vendors for your project. China has built so much manufacturing overcapacity in the last 30 years, there are literally factories on every corner. It can be bewildering trying to find the right supply chain partners.

Sourcing websites are like dating sites, some better than others, but all are only the barest of starting points. You might find true love, but there is considerable due diligence required to find the perfect mate. PassageMaker’s Sourcing Feasibility Study was developed to perform this research and present our customers with a set of capable vendors to choose from by essentially playing the role of a match-maker.

If you have a complete design database and are ready to start exploring your options in China, let us use our expertise to make the process as painless and productive for you as possible.

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