A ship is safe in a harbor, but a harbor is not what a ship is for

The title of this post is one of my favorite sayings. As an entrepreneur, it reminds me to keep trying, even when it is hard; especially when it is hard.

These days the world economy is a tempestuous sea, but PassageMaker is growing and thriving. A “passagemaker” is a small motor boat capable of crossing the open ocean; I think Mike Bellamy chose an appropriate name for the company.

Even in this time of chaos, new clients contact us daily. Even though budgets are tight and the margin for error is far smaller than just a year ago, those entrepreneurial passagemakers know that if they ride out the storm they will be in a much better position to prosper when the storm ends. And they won’t be smashed to bits tied up to the docks.

Harbors are over-rated. There is no such thing as a safe job anymore. The closest thing to a job for life is the value you create for yourself as an entrepreneur.

Why do so many people source in China? Because tooling prices are 10%-25% of USA. Because component prices are 25%-50% of USA. Those are great enticements, but a Chinese supply chain takes far more time and effort to establish than an American one. In this economy, budgets are tighter and risks are higher, and you can’t afford the learning curve to figure out China on your own. Now more than ever entrepreneurs need a real PassageMaker to help them navigate the storm successfully. Contact us and let us show you how our Sourcing Feasibility Study, Vendor Coordination and Assembly-Inspection-Packaging services help our clients achieve success in China.

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