I originally titled this post, “You are one dumb SOB”.

When the Toyota “sudden acceleration” issue arose, I was the lone guy in my neighborhood saying that it was not a Toyota problem. It was bone-headed drivers hitting the wrong pedal, just as the Audi issue back in 1980’s was eventually found to be driver error.

Folks, coming from the automotive industry let me state loudly and clearly, NO CAR IS SOLD WITH BRAKES THAT WON’T OVERPOWER THE ENGINE.

Take a 500+ HP Roush Mustang, pin the accelerator pedal to the floor and get that bad boy up to 100+ MPH and slam on the brakes. What’s going to happen? IT WILL STOP.

You can’t sell a car in this country if the brakes won’t overpower the engine. Period. Paragraph. End of story.

All the STOOPIDITY that has gone on the last year has been just that. Blinkered, politically driven, UAW inflamed stoopidity.

This has been a perfect example of the “China syndrome” where every problem is blamed on the Chinese vendors. Often they deserve it, but more often than not the client is the one in the wrong. Not specifying proper materials, critical dimensions, product finishes, etc., is somehow always the vendor’s problem.

Do Chinese suppliers make mistakes? Sure. But you should always ask whether it is driver error first.

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