McDonald’s, also known as the “Get-Out-Of-China-Free-Card”

A friend and classmate of mine had a terrible time with the food in Beijing 11-12 years ago. Food poisoning was a weekly event.

He began hitting McDonald’s almost daily to give his stomach a foundation to get by on. Having had my share of food poisoning in China since then, I agree. When you’ve just spent the last 12 hours on the “China Rapid Weight Loss Program”, you are NOT in the mood for more Chinese food. A Quarter Pounder with Cheese is the most welcome sight on earth.

He started referring to McDonald’s as his “Get-Out-Of-China-Free-Card”. What a perfect name.

It has nothing to do with PassageMaker or China Quality Focus – except that if you come visit us and get sick, we will make sure you are well cared for – but it is a reality of China travel that you will miss food you would never eat when you are home. When I am in the USA, I cook Asian food 3-4 days a week. When I am in China I crave hamburgers and hot dogs. The grass is always greener, I guess.

Anyway, here are three crazy articles from ChinaSMACK about McDonald’s and the impact it has on modern China.

Chinese Netizen’s McDonald’s Happy Meal Rotting Experiment

Chinese Grandfather Eats McDonald’s For The First Time

Pretty Chinese Girls Run Into McDonald’s & Begin Dancing

On the last one, you see this kind of stuff regularly in China. What a place.


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