You must freeze the design

I never played Duke Nukem, but this article is a must read for anyone thinking about launching a new product of any kind.

In order for any project to be successful, you have to freeze the design at some point. You have to get to “good enough” and go to market. I have seen inventors spend years tweaking a design, making changes after tooling is begun, even buying and then scrapping 1st, 2nd and even 3rd generation tooling when they have the next ‘great’ idea. They forget that they need to actually sell something. When they finally run out of money, often they are genuinely surprised.

PassageMaker is well versed in Vendor Coordination, especially during the critical product development phase, and our Endorsed Service Providers for design engineering know how take a sketch on a cocktail napkin and turn it into a finished design database, ready for manufacturing. We can and do counsel our clients, but ultimately, they are the ones who have to decide when to move forward. And creative people can sometimes be too darned creative for their own good.

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